At the Mailman, we help businesses to make more money and stand out from their competitors by using creative marketing strategies. We believe in business individuality, and using marketing for the right reasons, to promote ethical business who strive to help improve people’s lives.

We disagree with annoying, aggressive marketing that people don’t want to see. We aim to make audiences feel excited, engaged and compelled to read marketing material, and as a result achieve the best possible return for our clients.


We live in a world where digital marketing has completely saturated the world of advertising. Now, whilst it’s great and it works, it can be very difficult to stand out from everybody else!

Who gets excited by an email?

Who gets excited by a facebook ad?

Everyone gets excited by an unexpected parcel, or a hand addressed card arriving at their door.

There is no better way to catch someone’s attention than with a physical item. Direct mail allows for an immense range of creativity to be applied to your marketing.

What People Say

“I’m Andrew from EDG:architecture Ltd. I help homeowners and developers to add value to their properties

As a relatively new business I was aware that I needed to advertise my services but had no idea what method to use or where to begin.

I was sceptical about undertaking a flyering campaign and worried that people would simply throw my flyers in the bin.

Louis was thoroughly knowledgeable and through experience was able to help me to design the content for these to ensure that this appealed to my target audience.  Once he understood my audience he was able to identify areas to target.  Together we developed a strong call to action and the results were excellent.

On review, I was thrilled to find that the flyering campaign resulted in a £4.75 return for each £1 spent, and there is a strong possibility of follow on work which will increase this figure. Our conversion rate was particularly high from the leads received, and we have also increased the number of subscribers to our mailing list.

Louis cleverly managed my apparent lack of marketing knowledge to suggest ideas I would never have considered and to improve on the ones I already had.

I would recommend Louis because his service is so much more than ‘The Mailman’ name suggests.”

– Andrew, EDG:architecture Ltd


Looking to maximise your customer retention?

Why not check out Touchpoints – the secondary part of The Mailman, where we send handwritten, personalised cards to your mailing list, for all of your business needs.