“When it comes to advertising, playing it safe is the riskiest move you can make.”

– Seth Godin

If only you could get in front of your ideal prospects… you know that once you’re in front of them, you have a high chance of converting them to a paying client… but how do you get that meeting in the first place?

Stage 1: Free Consultation

We want to create a unique, targeted campaign with the specific purpose of getting a meeting with your ideal client

To do this, we need to get to know you and your business, understand your requirements, and discover the best way to make you stand out.

Stage 2: Your Ideal Client

The first part of any marketing campaign is understanding who your ideal client is.

Not “everyone”… your IDEAL client – the clients you enjoy working with, the ones who make you the most profit and tell all their contacts about you…

We’ll help you identify these ideal clients with a range of targeting methods.

Stage 3: The Ideas

Once it’s clear what you want to achieve, we’ll work to come up with the best options for your business.

These options will be unique items that we will send in the post to your prospects. Yes, in the post. It’s not just a letter… it’s much, much more. It’s the M&S of mail.

Stage 4: Test & Measure

As soon as you’ve decided which option you want to go with, we’ll begin the first stage of the campaign.

We test the idea in a small, manageable, affordable quantity, in order to calculate the success of that campaign

From here, we will measure the results and be able to accurately forecast your marketing.

Stage 5: Execution

As soon as we’ve discovered which ideas work best, we will roll these out to suit your budget and goals. At this point, we offer a guaranteed return on your investment – if we don’t make you more profit than you invest, you get your money back.

Stage 6: What happens next?

We work on a “no-contract agreement”. This is for two reasons:

  1. We believe that if the campaign isn’t working, then you should be able to opt-out at any point.
  2. If it is working, then you’d be crazy not to keep working with us.

Book a free 30 minute consultation today.

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